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Oval canvases! They didn’t have these in-store when I went to dickblick so I had to order online

(I forgot to order gesso -_-)

Thank goodness I’m finally starting to feel better!! I actually got to go OUTSIDE, it was so beautiful! Now I just have to catch up on the million+ things I have to get done before I leave for vacation on Sunday night

-finish a big commission
-ship a bunch of stuff including commission
-clean whole apartment
-medicine refills
-prep stuff for Sunday art walk event
-drop off sailor moon piece for show
-other stuff I’m forgetting rn

Then it’s a week (5 days) at the cape! With Christian, my family and my little brothers GF. I probably won’t even be able to relax, but I’m going to eat so much seafood >:D



Hello everyone!

I have officially launched my own Patreon today! I know that a lot of artists have been creating these, so I do apologize if you find them annoying or obtrusive, but hey! Patreon is a really nice site for artists who really need a little push I think!

Anyway! Please visit my Patreon if you’re interested in supporting me through the site! There are all sorts of rewards, including postcards and sketches and even comics and full fledged sketchbooks! I really want to be able to become the full time artist I’ve always wanted to be, so I’m really excited to be sharing this with you!

Thank you always for your support and kindness in any way you send it! I appreciate and love all of your reblogs, notes, likes and comments! Thank you so much!

I will be reblogging this occasionally to promote it, please blacklist: cycloptic_patreon if you’d like it to be blacklisted.

I got my first patron today!!!! Thank you SO MUCH again for all of your reblogs and likes. You’re all so sweet and I appreciate your support more than I can say!

If you’re interested in seeing extra art, tutorials and chances to get sketches and sketchbooks please visit my patreon!!


Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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Critical spider crisis update:

-Lost sight of spider last night since unable to destroy

-go to bed hoping sticky traps will catch

-wake up

-Spider on table next to bed


-Feeble victory screech

-Spider species grows stronger with every kill

It’s on the ceiling :(


I’ve been sick since after BCC, and it just won’t go away! I have a mild fever, a sore throat and cough, I just generally feel like gross death. I really need to get better because I have a million things to do ;_;



hey im going back to school soon so it would be good to have as much cash as possible to get supplies and stuff, so if you want like a character like this for $15 (ink without color is $10) send me an ask or email me at :3c i can do multiple characters/more complex stuff with bgs but we’ll have to discuss pricing.

thanks!! xoxo

pibmo is love, pibmo does good art

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They arrived!!!!! Best day of life so far, like 24 Christmases at once. My first time getting a whole case of blindboxes. I actually got 11/12 of the figures, the only one missing is Drago, the really rare one.

So excited! All the doubles I am making into necklaces, which I’ve been doing since the first series.

I bought this case from

The 20th anniversary SM stickers arrived today! They’re soooo pretty, now I can’t decide if I should make them into jewelry or just keep them in their pristine state (⌒-⌒; )

Ok so maybe I just bought an entire case of the series 3 Unicorno blindboxes

A sketch commission from this weekend for guronenko (one of her OCs)

I had so much fun at BCC!! Thank you SO much to everyone who visited my booth ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ you made me very happy. I sold lots of stuff, saw old friends, made beautiful new friends, bought toys and art, got no sleep and I can’t wait to do it all again next year :D

Prints by: guronenko katebrezzy brentonbarnesart amandaboucher (and one I forget, sorry!)